Merry Christmas Everyone…

Merry Christmas To My Readers!!!

Merry Christmas To My Readers!!!

I find this song by Perry Como really conveys how *I* feel about Christmas:

When I was but a youngster Christmas meant one thing
That I’d be getting lots of toys that day,
I learned a whole lot different when mother sat me down
And taught me to spell Christmas this way…..

C – Is for the Christ Child born upon this day
H – For Herald Angels in the night
R – Means our Redeemer
I – Means Israel
S – Is for the Star that shown so bright
T – Is for Three Wise Men they who traveled far
M – Is for the Manger where He lays
A – For All He stands for
S – Means Shepard’s came

 And that’s why there’s a Christmas Day…
 Now if you aren’t religious that is fine (I NEVER knock anyone for their beliefs) , this is just what Christmas means to ME, so please don’t gripe on my blog about it, I will delete the comment OR not approve it, whichever. The other things that Christmas means to me is L-O-V-E. Plain old love. Being with the ones you love, watching my kids faces light up when they open their presents, my family enjoying the cooking I have done, knowing how much it took for me TO do it. It means laughing and cutting up with my sisters, my kids, my brother-in-laws. It means having fun and dancing with my sisters! Enjoying the one time a year that I have all my family in one room at the same time. It means spending some time alone in my kitchen with my Mama as she does the dishes for me. Getting tummy hugs (I am 6′ 8, my mother is 4′ 10 haha so it is literally tummy to face hugs) from my Mama, hearing the words “I love you baby” as she squeezes me. Hearing my wife D say “Merry Christmas baby, here we are, another year, another holiday together.” Having 2 year old Hunter climb into my lap and eat out of my plate with me, giving me smooshy food covered kisses on my cheeks. Having my oldest daughter with me, having her clean and sober and back to her old self again. *SIGH* I had all that this year and it was wonderful, it is actually the first time in a few years my WHOLE family was together in one room, in my house. We laughed, danced, ate, laughed some more. We talked about serious and not so serious stuff. It was a beautiful thing. There was no dysfunction, no drama, just LOVE. That is what I need, that is ALL I need–love.  I will post a few pictures later of the girls (my kids), my sisters, Hunter…If I made no sense in this blog, forgive me. I am in pain and just wanted to write down my feelings, as convoluted as they may be HAHA.

I want to thank someone here on my blog, she just gave me one of the BEST presents ever, the most selfless present. This woman knows my wife and has known her for years and years, however, she’s NEVER laid eyes on me. Yet she sent a message today asking how to send me money to help me get into pain management. THAT folks is the meaning of Christmas, the true meaning of love and selflessness. I am sitting here in tears just thinking about it. Now that lady has the RIGHT idea to what Christmas is all about. It’s about giving, giving to those who need it. It’s not about the commercial bullshit, it’s not about seeing who gets the most presents under the tree, the latest gadget or electronic, the selfishness of expecting a gift from someone, it’s about the love, the compassion. Caring about your fellow man. Thank you dear lady for doing this for me and making me smile on this Christmas day, I will never forget it and I appreciate it more than you can imagine. Yes I rambled, deal with it. hahaha

So tell me, my dear readers, what does Christmas mean to YOU. What are you doing to celebrate today? Please remember during all the festivities to tell the ones you love, that you love them. You may not have the chance again. Live every day like it’s your last…Trust me, it might be. I love you all, and I wish nothing but the best for you ALL today. God bless.



5 Responses to “Merry Christmas Everyone…”

  1. 1 D
    December 25, 2008 at 5:03 pm

    Merry Christmas, my baby. I love you. 🙂

  2. 2 V
    December 25, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    I LOVE you too honey, forever and always! heee, Merry Christmas!!!

  3. 3 cleverem
    December 25, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    Hi there V,

    I am the woman you gave thanks to and while its always nice to be thanked, there is no need. I am completely in agreement with you about what Christmas SHOULD mean and what it has come to mean for so many: the consumption, the packages, the excess. I think in many ways this is our culture now and we’ve lost sight of what is really important. All the things you mentioned: love, laughter, intimacy, safety, gratitude. And so instead of you giving gratitude for the small thing I can give you I will send gratitude your way for several things: first that you have made the lovely Dori so happy, she deserves it. Secondly, for sharing your life and love and stories with me. Thirdly, well, you make me grateful for things I have. Your life, your suffering reminds me I have been lucky, reminds me to take each day as a gift, reminds me to try and be a better person, a better friend, a better mother. So thank you. Merry Christmas. I’m sending a check–it’s not much but I hope it will help with something–to Dori tomorrow. xo

    I hope you can read this, I have no idea how to make this print bigger!!!

  4. 4 V
    December 26, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    Em!!! I am so glad you wrote on my blog, it made me smile. I am also glad you wrote so I can say THANK YOU to you personally. You humbled me yesterday and brought me to tears. You giving to me is nothing “small”! Like I was telling Dori yesterday–in less than 2 months that I have had this blog, I have had over 2500 visitors, if they each gave 1.00, that would be enough to send me to pain management so many times over. So even if you sent 1.00, I would be thankful and humbled. I am in tears here again, what you did made Christmas day for me all the more special! As far as your gratitude for me, what can I say? I love Dori, I live to make her happy to make her laugh and smile, so that is MY pleasure. Sharing my life, my stories, well I was very hesitant about doing that, but I thought if I can help ONE person, then it is all worth the pain I feel when I blog about these very personal things! I am glad that my situation can make people see how truly lucky they are every day that they can live a physically and emotionally healthy life. If I can make you or anyone a better person, friend, wife, husband, brother, sister, etc., etc. then all the pain of writing this blog is worth it. I thank you AGAIN Em, from the bottom of my big ‘ol heart and I hope you will continue to come around and ocmment on my blogs! *Big hugs to you*

  5. 5 cleverem
    December 26, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    Right back to you!

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