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thanks, medical stuff and barbaric tortures–ahh just another friday morning in the life of V…

WHY do most things to do with medical testing have to be SO damned barbaric? I am just now starting on drinking this barium cocktail. I have to drink the full bottle (15 ounces) now, then ANOTHER one at 1:30 this afternoon. GOOD GOD, it’s the most vile stuff. I have had to do this more times than I care to count right now, and I gag and cry every time. Yes, you might say I am a pussy, go ahead, but I have been through SO many medical tortures I can’t help it. I hate this shit. Then on top of this, they have to inject me with that dye that I am deathly allergic to. Yay for benadryl to keep me from going into anaphylactic shock. The first time they gave me that dye, I was about 14 and having to have an IVP test for my kidneys (I have had bad kidneys since I was a child), within about 30 seconds of them injecting the dye into my vein, I started to break out in hives all over, my throat closed up, my fever shot up to 106 in under a minute, my lips cracked and bled. The staff freaked out, but not as much as I did. They yelled for my mother to come in, bless her heart, she was scratching my inner thighs (the hives) as they were injecting drugs to keep me from dying. So needless to say, even though the massive dose of benadryl helps keep me from a reaction, getting the dye injected leaves me feeling weak and like shit. I HATE THIS. I get so sick of testing. I feel like a guinea pig. I think I am. I can’t have anything to eat or drink (except the good ole barium) after 11:00 am. ┬áSo I have to sit here 4 hours not eating or drinking before the CT scan. UGH UGH. Ok enough bitching.

I have someone to thank–I am not sure who they are, but someone donated money to me through my pay-pal button yesterday. I was doing my show when D told me! I broke out into happy tears! Luckily I was in the middle of a nice set of music so no one knew I was crying like an idiot. This person donated 80.00 to my pain management fund. WOW!! 80.00 to me is like 8,000.00. It will be going right into my fund. I am getting SO very close to being able to go to my first visit. Please let me know who you are, so I can properly thank you. *SIGH* Things like this give me hope, they restore my faith in some of humanity. Thank you so, so, so much!

Speaking of my shows–Tonight I am doing a One Hit Wonders show by request. Tomorrow night I am doing my fun and funny “Ask V” show–it is kind of like Dear Abby, but lots more dysfunctional. You–the listeners put your questions in your dedications and I will give you my funny and sometimes dysfunctional advice. I hope you will all tune in tonight and tomorrow and have fun with me. It really makes my day.

Ok I just finished the first of the nasty barium. I am going to get something that tastes GOOD before I have to not eat or drink anything, blah. I hate this. Have I mentioned that in the last 5 minutes?

More later…

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