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now this is the shit that really pisses me off!!

Most of you have probably heard about the story of the “parents” that named their child Adolph Hitler…I was reading Shaun’s blog and read something that fucking INFURIATED me, so I am going to rant about it.

Here is the link to Shaun’s post —> Parents Of Adolph Hitler To Be Evicted (you should really read Shawn’s blog regularly, I love it)! Anyhow…to my rant.

If you read the full post you will see this — “The Campbells’ neighbors described a family living on the fringe, financially and socially. Mr. Campbell, 35, and his wife, Deborah, 25, do not work and receive disability payments for emphysema and neck pain, respectively.”

Now, he is 35 and she is 25 and receiving disability and *I* can’t fucking get it?? WHAT THE FUCK? Neck pain and emphysema? I have those…leukemia, I have it, end stage renal disease, I have it, neck and back pain, yeah I have it so severe that some days I can’t even walk, yet the fucking government has fought me for mine for nearly 8 fucking years. HOW pathetic is that?

“Their landlord, Larry Lippincott, who shares the two-family home, said the family is often up all night.”

“I hear the kids playing at 2:30 in the morning and the TV on,” Mr. Lippincott said. “He told me he was a night person and didn’t like to do anything during the day.”

Ahhh, so in other words, they are lazy fucks who stay up all night, sleep all day and bilk the system for disability, while honest people like me, who are REALLY sick and REALLY in pain can’t get it. We have to fight and fight, and still get turned down over and over again.

It’s people like THIS that make it so hard for people like me, with real problems, to get our disability. I bet neither of them have hardly worked a day in their life (if at ALL), probably  haven’t paid much (if any) taxes, yet they can sure get paid to sit on their asses and stay up all night, doing God knows what.

The government is giving money to two people who named ALL three of their children Nazi names and who have Nazi swastikas all around their house. Way to go U.S. government.

They say the “poor” dude is hospitalized due to stress…Whatever — *rolls eyes*. I swear it’s shit like this that makes me lose even MORE faith in our system. I have re-filed my disability again, let’s see how many more times I get turned down, while people like this couple keep getting and getting. *Growls*

I’m out!

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