assholes, stupidity and idiots…oh my!

assholeI am so fucking sick of assholes. People who think they know it all, when they really don’t know fuck all. People who assume things without having facts. Such as the person who wrote my wife a note at facebook asking her if I was real or some thing she made up. WTF? Lady get a fucking clue. She assumes because there are no pictures of me on the internet I don’t exist. Well lady, let your father rape you for most of your life, videotape and photograph it to share with other people, and tell me how many photos and videos of yourself you would let someone take of YOU. You might want to spend a few more seconds investigating things before you jump to conclusions. Believe it or not Dori and I have a life beyond facebook, beyond these blogs and beyond the internet OH MY! She has to deal with enough in her life, my cancer, the fear of  losing me anyday, some fucktard stealing her identity, making a living to support herself, her daughter, me…oh fuck you. Fucking asshole. Yeah I wrote you on your blog and I know you will be here reading my blogs, so read this. STAY away from Dori, stay away from me…we don’t need your bullshit. Don’t bother trying to comment here because I will NOT let it through….mmmkay? Have a great day, asshole!


Stupidity. Like the dumb bitch who is assuming my wife’s identity and stealing her writings. Did you really think you would get away with this? How stupid could you be?? D and I search our names on a regular basis on Google to make sure stupid people like YOU don’t try to assume who we are. We got one site of yours taken down, where you were actually fucking making money off of Dori’s name and identity. Scam artist much? I think so. You are so fucking stupid! To take OUR love story and make it your own? To use MY name in there like I am YOUR Angel, you stupid bitch. Oh do I sound a little pissed. HELL YES I am pissed. FUCK YOU. Asshole.

idiotI am sick of idiots too. I am plagued with stalkers, asshole and idiots. GO AWAY people. Stop assuming my life, stop stalking me, stop LYING about yourself for attention. You  know, the internet can be a WONDERFUL place, then some idiots come along and just fucks up the whole shebang! WHY? Can you NOT be yourselves, just be who you are? I am me, whether I am writing in this blog, DJing, talking on IM’s, on the phone or in person. I am who I am. I don’t put on bullshit airs to TRY to make people like me. Why do you idiots have to get in my way and piss me off? The internet is just about the only thing I have left in the world as far as communication goes. I am sick, I can’t get out, I use the ‘net as my connection to the world. I have friends I talk to, I DJ, I am in an awesome league at Pogo where I am a head tournament director, and it’s SO much fun. I am also autistic and have a lot of social problems and I can’t communicate well face to face. I CAN on the internet. So why oh why do you assholes, stupid people and idiots have to traipse your way into my path and fuck me up almost on a daily basis? Just GO AWAY already, ya bother me.

Have a nice day y’all…


2 Responses to “assholes, stupidity and idiots…oh my!”

  1. 1 D
    February 5, 2009 at 9:31 am

    No one will ever know how much I laugh when you do stuff like this. I know there’s more to this than just defending me, but baby, when you defend me I just swoon with damsel-in-distress love for you. You ARE my hero and you are so fucking funny when you rant. I love your rants. And YES, nice layout for your little graphics! Good job! Hahaha.

    You really are my hero. I don’t know what I will ever do without you. You are my very best friend in the whole wide world and you make me laugh and giggle every single day. So, I have it all. I have the most adorable husband who protects and cares for me, loves me romantically like nobody has EVER known romantic and he’s my BEST friend forever too! WOW. I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I really am. I have YOU. My V.

    I love you more every second. I kiss you again and again. (I know you are giggling by now…)

    I love YOU baby.

  2. 2 justice4mothers
    February 6, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Hey V, I know something of what you are going through on this…I get hate email, hate comments frequently with my site. Assholes like this are out their everywhere to take what you have, make it their own, or try to shut you up about your views….yeah, I am plagued by this too.” I have learned where the delete button is…however, yours more serious….geez….hang in there.

    I have new post that may interest you. I already bolded for you too sweetie 😉


    Take care…

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