ryan moats detained for running red light while mother in law is dying in hospital..

This REALLY pissed me off. This police officer pulled NFL player Ryan Moats over for running a red light (with hazard lights blinking), as he was driving his wife and his wife’s grandfather to the hospital where her mother was dying of breast cancer.

Now I can understand a cop pulling someone over for running a red light, BUT, he got them in the hospital parking lot, he PULLED OUT HIS GUN on them, when he was told the mother in law was dying what did he do? Well, instead of letting Ryan and his wife’s grandfather go on up to her bedside, he berated him for almost 16 minutes! Ryan pleaded many times for the cop to just let him go up, that his mother in law was dying “right now”. A nurse even came out to tell the officer that she had already coded three times. What did the officer do then? He kept on yapping about “attitude”. WTF? Like HIS attitude was any better. He should have WALKED Ryan into the hospital, verified that his mother in law WAS dying and then let him be with her and his wife, he could have written him a ticket and gave it to him later, whatever. But noooo, he just kept yapping even after he was TOLD the mother in law’s death was imminent, that she was dying RIGHT THEN. Of course, she died while that officer detained Ryan and the wife’s grandfather outside in the parking lot. Which means Ryan didn’t get to be with his wife and mother in law AND his wife’s grandfather (the mother in law’s father)missed being with his daughter as she died of cancer.

I am INFURIATED. Being someone who is terminally ill with cancer, I cannot imagine a cop stopping one of my family members who was trying to get to ME if I was dying. How insensitive can one person be? Now this is just MY opinion, but the cop was a third year rookie, he should have KNOWN better than to act this way, I think he was on a power trip AND I can’t help but wonder if he was racist. I mean how many cops draw a gun on someone for running a red light? COME ON!!! 

The cop has issued an “apology”. What a crock of shit, he issued a statement that his attorney probably wrote for him. He is on “paid probation” pending an investigation. FUCK THAT. PAID? He took away a moment that Ryan and his grandfather in law will NEVER get back. He kept them away from her bedside as she lost her battle with cancer. To me that is unforgiveable. He should be fired. You can DAMN WELL bet if that would have been HIS mother dying, he would have ran red lights to get to her too. Here is his “apology”:

“I wish to publicly and sincerely apologize to the Moats family, my colleagues in the Dallas Police Department, and to all those who have been rightfully angered by my actions on March 18, 2009. After stopping Mr. Moats’ vehicle, I showed poor judgment and insensitivity to Mr. Moats and his family by my words and actions. With great remorse I accept my responsibility for adding to their grief in an already difficult time.

“I have attempted to reach Mr. Moats to express my personal condolences directly to his family and my regret about my actions. While these efforts have been unsuccessful so far, I hope we can talk soon.

“Again, I am very sorry for what I did and ask for the forgiveness of all those touched by these unfortunate events.”

First off how NICE to have an attorney try to do damage control for you. Secondly you tried to contact Mr. Moats? I HIGHLY doubt he would want to speak to you after what you have done to his family. You caused so much more grief for them. For what? A fucking ticket for running a red light. I think you, Officer Powell are an insensitive SHIT, who should lose his job. You have been on that job for THREE years, and certainly you know right from wrong. What you did was WRONG, plain fucking wrong. Maybe one day YOU will be detained by a loud mouth officer that can’t shut up when one of YOUR family members lay dying. I am so disgusted by this.

See the video for yourself:

Part One:

Part Two:

I’m out….


3 Responses to “ryan moats detained for running red light while mother in law is dying in hospital..”

  1. 1 scythe
    March 28, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    Oh I swear this pissed me off so so much. What a fucking bunch of crap. such arrogance! The idea that any human being gets to wield an authority that enables them to abuse another person’s human rights…UGH, cops and their unbelievable nerve, how DARE they misuse their PRIVILEDGE?!! It’s the duty of the police to SERVE and PROTECT, not to toss their tiny balls around and take advantage of the fact that others will listen to them if they fart aloud, simply because they are cops. And Ryan Moats stood there and gave this piece of shit the time of day, literally time taken away from his last moments with his mother-in-law and in support for his wife’s last moment’s with her. This mother fucker took advantage of his given authority and decided to go all ‘slave-owner’ on this man, and FUCK you could never convince me it wasn’t racist. And he took his GUN out??? WTF? And punished with paid probation??? HUH??? Where TELL ME where is the justice??? This fucker should be penalized and sue’d THEN he should have to do time. PAID? Why don’t they just send him to Hawaii while he’s got the time off?
    And you’re so right…nice to have a fucking defense attorney write you a damn statement of apology. I mean, have you ever seen anything less committed sounding than THAT apology? fuck I swear my asshole can write better statements than that. DAMN!

  2. 2 butterflysblog
    March 30, 2009 at 10:11 am

    I know, I thought this was complete bullshit too. He only apologized after they all figured out that Moats was a famous football player in the NFL. And this paid vacation shit is ridiculous too.

  3. 3 scythe
    April 2, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Update on this story:
    -the cop resigned! He left the force yesterday with a statement acknowledging that he embarrassed the other officers with his behavior.

    Figures. the fucker left because of a macho thing. Not because his own conscience told him a damned thing, but because he wouldn’t want the other GUYS to be offended. fucking macho asshole. Anyway, one less rogue cop out there.

    Love You.

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