Ooh ShinyI am getting ready to finish the move and clean the other apartment. I was here checking out my blog and of course I see links and I get distracted by teh shiny stuffs… *ooh shiny*………………..errrr ok I am back haha. I saw a link for an “Autism” test to see if you are Autistic LMAO. I figured, “Since I am autistic let’s see how *I* do.” I am a mixture of both, like I didn’t already know this ? *snickers* I love these quiz things! I am out! TTFN!

Result for The Autism Test:

You scored 2% non Autistic, 98% High function, and 85%  Low function!

Take The Autism Test 

1 Response to “HAHAHA”

  1. 1 scythe
    April 16, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    You scored 85% Not autistic, 37% High function, and 19% Low function!

    Well, looks like I’m not autistic, though it was a fascinating quiz and definitely lets the quizee into what the world of autism might seem like. I’m SO not so many of those choices, I was actually surprised. Ah well, I have to deal with not being autistic! Man, I could have used some of those math skills too!!

    I love you baby.

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