cancer takes another one…

farrahFarrah Fawcett has died. She passed away this morning at St. John’s Medical Center in LA at 9:28am with Ryan O’Neal and Alana Stewart by her side…She fought for three years against anal cancer and it had spread to her liver. She really WAS a fighter, fighting this monster until the very end.  I know she and Ryan were suppose to marry, but I hadn’t heard if they got to before she passed on or not…

No matter what you thought of Farrah, she was a class act when it came to battling her cancer…God bless you Farrah, no more pain..no more pain.

For all of us who are battling cancer, won’t you please click the “Stand Up To Cancer” flash banner over there —-> on the right and help support cancer research? It’s FREE, all you have to do is watch a video preview and click the “next” button. You can also leave me a comment…do it, once a day and help those of us that are fighting and dying with cancer.

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