holy shit…..

First Farrah, now Michael Jackson….I am in total shock here. Damn………

1 Response to “holy shit…..”

  1. 1 3starjimmy
    June 26, 2009 at 10:59 am

    What a Sad loss to The World this is. Like many others, I grew up watching Michael(who was only 9yrs older than me) Like he was a Big brother who made it Big.
    I remember When Freddie Mercury Died and The impact it had on me. I was in Total Awe of this man and Loved him So much. He was slowly dieing for many Years and Stayed out of The Public eyes during his last few months.
    When They did Freddie’s Tribute Concert, Axel Rose had a T Shirt on That Said “We Kill our Idols”and It is So True.
    Celebs are constantly Hounded, Today more Than ever with So many Media Outlets.
    Michael wanted So Desperately to make a Comeback and Put the Bad Press behind him, and Thats what I think killed him.
    Maybe they will determine it was Drugs That finally did him in. But try to Be Michael Jackson for One Week and Realize The tremendous pressure he Must have been under.

    We Do in Fact “Kill our Idols”

    Just a Side note- Michael did The first Version of “State of Shock” with My Idol-Freddie Mercury. I personaly think its better than the one with Mick Jagger but maybe Im showing favoritism……:)
    Thanks for letting me rant here ~V

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