I want to warn anyone reading this blog, that I will be opening up about my abuse by my father. If you are a survivor it may trigger memories for you, so read with caution. My blog is usually not for the faint of heart. I am opening up about the many issues in my life. Dealing with a terminal illness, suffering/surviving horrific child abuse, issues I feel strongly about, etc. I fiinally feel I have a voice.


I can be foul-mouthed when I want, I can be brutally honest and I know some people can’t handle that. So please, if you can’t, hit the little red X in the upper right corner of your browser and leave.



Do not leave me nasty comments, I will not approve them. You will be wasting your time and MY time. If you want to read about my life, then please do. I enjoy comments from people who actually take the time to read my blogs. Thanks!


1 Response to “Disclaimer! (Please read)”

  1. 1 hotheadpaisen
    August 27, 2009 at 5:15 pm

    Hi V,
    I love things that start with disclaimers! I frequently begin conversations with them.
    My name is Lisa, I’m an old friend of your lovely wife from the Rocky days. We’ve recently reconnected and I’ve spent some time reading both of your blogs and ramblings. Tre cool, I say.
    I’m sorry for your pain, the old, the new, and the ones that just seem to have always been there. I listened to you interview with D. May I say I love your accent? Which of course I said because I can’t quite articulate what listening to it did for me. I’m stalling…I was flooded with memories of trying to help my ex work through processing the memories of the worst abuse I had ever heard of. I haven’t seen her in years, but seems now I’m the one still processing it. Then I read D’s Mean Things and all I can think of are things I want to ‘unknow’.

    I just wanted you to know that even if you don’t always know it, or hear back from people, please know what you’re doing helps.
    SO there!
    Hope your pain is manageable today.
    Thank you,

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