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When it happened, I was going through chemo, I had woken up feeling sick and turned on the TV. I was shocked, I thought it was some kind of sick joke at first…then I cried, now I sit here crying again. None of us will ever be the same after that day….I remember….



Ah Hell!!!!! My hospitalization!

As most of you know by now,  I was hospitalized on Tuesday night,  not long after I got off air. They say I had a “TIA” (aka Mini Stroke) *SIGH*. It was scary as hell. I have to see a neurologist on the 15th and I will find out more I suppose…I am very dizzy, I have hardly an balance/coordination, I get confused kind of easily and my fucking eyesight is worse now (as if that could get worse *SIGH*).  I am on a med for dizziness three times a day…plus my usual stuff. I am taking more Ativan for nerves too. I was talking to D when it happened, I started feeling very dizzy and it wouldn’t go away, I thought if I could just sit up it would help, but no, it got worse and worse, I got up to try to walk and nearly fell…(not good)…I sat back down, then started to break out into sweats, my left leg went weak and my lips went numb and tingly. I knew then it was time to dial 911. I NEVER call an ambulance, so that in itself is saying something. They got here at the same time as my sister and my daughter. My poor daughter was so scared she was throwing up. I felt bad for scaring them. My sister said when I called her  she couldn’t understand me because I was slurring my words *frown*.  They did a CT scan of my head and said they didn’t see a bleed which is GOOD, but the ER doc also said they can’t always see a stroke on CT scan when it is happening (well SHIT). He told me he was admitting me to the hospital. Of course I tried to talk him into letting me come home…ever the stubborn one I am…haha.  As you could tell he told me “NO” rather quickly and they finally got me up to my room around 3:00 AM. I slept all night and mostly all day yesterday (well when I could, they kept waking me every two hours to check my pupils and give me meds).

I begged again to go home yesterday afternoon and of course, nope,  they wouldn’t let me out. The food SUCKED major ass, they did give me all the coke and sprite I wanted though, thank God, because I am soooo very thirsty.  This morning the Dr. came in and I told him to PLEASE let me come home. He agreed that I would probably rest better at home, but I had to promise that if anything happened I would call 911 again *le sigh*. So here I am…exhausted, in bed on the laptop.

Thank all of you who sent out prayers for me, they worked, I am still here. As I said, I am still way off balance and walking like a drunk, still dizzy at times, weak and fatigued but I am glad to be in my OWN bed,  in my OWN apartment.

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