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Happy Birthday To Me!!!

Today is my birthday…I am letting the cat out of the bag and saying yes it is my milestone 4oth birthday! Most people I have told don’t believe me, they think I am in my upper 20’s-lower 30’s…So yes, Lordy, Lordy, V is 40! HAHAHA

I got some nice gifts —  D got me a LOVELY basket of “spa” products, things I SO needed and some more fuzzy socks for my cold feet! THANK YOU baby so much! Jerilyn got me a year’s club pogo membership and a birthday cake! THANK YOU!!  Erin and Nari made me THE cutest piggy bank (that they decorated/painted themselves)!! She got me some books, A Lick Of Frost, Grimm’s Fairytales, Lover Awakened and Lover Revealed from The Black Dagger Brotherhood series I have been reading. THANK YOU SWEETIE!! Kevin got me some cookware I needed desperately and some PJ bottoms and a hoodie, they haven’t gotten here yet, but will SOON. Rusty is making me a ginger cake YUM, and she is going to send it to me. My daughter and sister took me out for Mexican last night, so all in all it’s been a WONDERFUL birthday so far!

Later tonight, my league at Pogo is going to have a big birthday bash for me at 9:00 pm ET, in pogo. My friends will be there, Dori is coming, Happy will be DJing my party, it’s going to be so much fun. You still have time to get a club pogo membership from me and come tonight. I would love to have you there!!! Leave me a comment here and we will work it out!

Here are some pics of my cake and gifts:





My Boo Eating My Cake! HAHA

My Boo Eating My Cake! HAHA

Thanks again, so far, it’s been a birthday far beyond anything I ever expected!! I love you all!!

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