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DJing and other things (email me for password) ;-)

I’ve been asked why I am not DJing for HHR anymore. Well….to be honest, I was tired of the way things were ran over there. I was being left out of the loop by all the other DJ’s…wasn’t told about things that were going on, etc. I was there with the station from the beginning . For around a month it was only me and her DJing. I always felt like that station was part mine, until the last month or so…I felt I was being pushed out by her and the other DJ’s. I have suggested to her MANY ways to build up the station and the listener base, but she just disregarded everything I said. She asked me for some music to put on our “Mystery DJ” (aka auto DJ) list. I worked for two damn days trying to get a good mix of ALL genre’s of music for her. I sent it and ………she NEVER used one damn song I sent. I had numerous complaints about “Auto”, how the list wasn’t good, how we needed more modern music and some rock. I told her, did she listen? NOPE. I tried to help her get advertising to generate money for the station. Did she check out anything I showed her? NOPE. I tried to bring in listeners, but she just kept driving them away by not taking my suggestions about the type of music she needed on HER list and AUTO’s list (which are actually one in the same).

The straw that broke the camel’s back is when I was so sick a couple of week’s ago and not ONE of them even checked on me, not ONE of them asked me how I was feeling. NOTHING. Happy is also not as “happy” as she seems on air. She is very histrionic, she’s very “hot and cold”. I never knew how she was going to act from day to day. She once told me, not long ago, that she didn’t have any friends, even ME. That was like a slap in the face, it hurt me so much. Especially considering I was with her and the station from the beginning.

I think they were upset because I got more listeners than the rest of them. Well FUCK, I can’t help it. I didn’t tell people to tune into me and leave when my show was over. They made that choice themselves. But — most people liked my list because I have a bit of EVERYTHING, not just oldies, which Happy seemed to be stuck in on her list. I have had people tell me since I left that she lost the best DJ she had. Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know I couldn’t stay there any longer. I couldn’t stay in a place where my voice didn’t mean anything.

Soooo, I WILL be DJing again soon I hope. I am going to start my own station. I have one friend who is going to help me start it up. I just have to get the money for the first month and find someone who is good with PHP to build the website. I am already working in the background with a layout for the site, a name for the station, etc. I will be placing ads for DJ’s online as well (if you are interested, let me know!!). I want everything in place and ready when the station starts. The station will also be uncensored. Now that doesn’t mean my DJ’s will be cursing a blue streak on air, NO, that is unprofessional, but the music will be uncensored. I mean that is what internet radio IS about, being free to play and hear what you want, without FCC regulations!

Any suggestions for station names, any donations to get it up and running are SO welcome. If you want to DJ, just let me know. I will give you the software you need, train you, etc.!!  If you want to donate, MAN would that be appreciated, and you will be recognized on the site as a supporter.

Ok that’s it for now. I will write more later! Wish me luck with the station. I am itching to get back on air with you guys!! I have LOTS of great ideas for the station (as in types of fun shows, etc.) that I think you will like!

I’m out!


i’m alive and well….

This will be a short post, but I just wanted to let you all know I am alive and ok. I have been fighting pneumonia for 2 weeks now. The doctor has me on one more round of antibiotics and now more Prednisone, blah I hate this shit. It makes me sweat, makes me jittery and nervous, I hate it and I have to take it for 9 more days *le sigh*.  Dialysis is going ok, it just really took it out of me with the pneumonia on top of things…I am waiting to hear about my disability *SIGH* I hope they just give it to me this time and don’t make me jump through fucking hoops. So all of you keep your eyes, legs, fingers, toes and anything else crossed for me you can haha.

I have also been away from my DJing for 2 weeks…couldn’t talk long without a huge coughing fit, but tonight I am back! Yup, I have had a lot of people writing me to ask when I was coming back, people were asking D. SOOOO I am here to tell you it is tonight in about an hour, 8:00 pm ET. You know how to get there…just click the banner link —-> on the right side and tune in. If you request and put your name and all, I will bump your first song up to the top of the queue!

I have many things that have happened since I last blogged, but I am not going to go into them right now, I don’t want to get sad or pissed before my show. These steroids are making me grumpy enough haha!

I hope you will all come tune into my show and say hi! Blog more later!


I won another award!!!

I won another award!! This one comes from mile191 , you should check out her blog it’s great!! Thank you mile, so very much! You made me smile today!

Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons Award

Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons Award

Instructions for awardees:
please share this opportunity with your favorite bloggers by doing the following:
  1. Put the logo on your blog!
  2. Nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great attitude and/or gratitude!
  3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post
  4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog
  5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Hmmmm, I don’t know that I have 10, but I will give it to a few here! In no particular order:

  • My wife D, she has had a rough year like a lot of us have and she ALWAYS has a smile for me and for others. She is always giving out advice and being inspirational to those who need it. She always knows how to take life’s lemons and make delicious lemonade! I love you honey!
  • Mr. Fabulous–My Kev. He suffers from MS, he has fought hard for gay rights, he was in a serious car crash and nearly died, yet he always maintains a smile for everyone. He is always upbeat and makes others laugh, despite what he is going through. He takes care of me and loves me no matter what. He takes his lemons and makes not only lemonade, but he serves it with a slice of rainbows and happiness!  I love you too Kev!
  • Butterfly, of course. Her blog inspires me, and we have so much in common. She is another survivor who is strong! I admire her so very much!!
  • Aria–Another survivor who always uses her lemons for lemonade. She writes honestly, with a side of snark that I LOVE! She is an awesome person…
  • May We Dance Upon Their Graves–I haven’t gotten to know her yet, but her blog is powerful and I relate to it SO much! Another survivor who is very, very strong!
  • Donnie D–I can’t give out an award and NOT give one to Donnie. He is a survivor who is struggling like me, everyday, but it he doesn’t let it get him down. He blogs about many serious issues and I so much enjoy reading everything he writes!
  • RightsForMothers.Com–This is a powerful blog that you all should read. I know it says rights for mothers, but she has welcomed me into her blog with open arms and understanding. She is also very supportive of me, and her other readers! A great person, who is very deserving!
  • Jerry’s/Ottoman’s Blog, A splendiferous spectacle of supernatural and superfluous soliloquies! Is a FUN blog with great attitude, that never fails to make me laugh!

I know it said 10, but sorry, I came up with who I thought most deserved it! Congratulations you all! 🙂

Tomorrow is my birthday *GASP* haha. My league is throwing me a birthday bash at Pogo.Com tomorrow night at 9:00p m err 8:00 PM (I keep forgetting my new time haha) Eastern time. If you play at Pogo, you are more than welcome to come to my bash, just add me to your friends list, my pogo name is pureg0th (a ZERO, not a O)…leave me a comment here so I can add you back, and you can follow me to the rooms we play in. IF you are not a club pogo member and want to come to my party, then let me know. I have SIX 5 day free Club Pogo passes I can give out. It will be first come, first serve AND I am not giving them out to just ANYONE, ONLY if you want to come to my party…So if you aren’t planning to do that, don’t ask me for a free pass. Heh, sorry.

I got my birthday cake from Jerilyn today, it’s SO pretty…D got me a basket of “spa” goodies…so NICE..I took pics of them and will put them on my blog tomorrow…I have other stuff coming, but they were ordered or shipped late and won’t be here tomorrow, but that’s OK, better late than never! Rusty  is also making me a Ginger Cake! YUMMMM. She will be sending it to me too! I can’t wait.

Enough typing for now. I have to shower, I have a show tonight at 9:00pm Eastern. If you want to come hear my show, I would LOVE that. Just click the HHR banner on the right in my links section, put in your requests and put your name in them so I will know you are listening!

Write more tomorrow WITH PICS!


Randomly Random

I am sitting here on the air, DJing, thought I would blog between sets. I was thinking about music, I always like to keep my shows fresh. Tonight is an 80s flashback and it always seems to be popular, so I was wondering–What genre’s of music do you like? Do you have any ideas for some shows? I am always open to new thoughts and ideas when it comes to my shows. 😉 My shows are all requests and I read listener dedications on air, so if any of you can think of something fun, just comment me and give me your ideas!

I have noticed my brain isn’t working so well these days. I am so forgetful, and I don’t mean forgetting something to do tomorrow, or next week, I mean I am forgetting stuff after 5 minutes. It is kind of scaring me. *sighs* I guess I just wonder if the treatments for CML and now the dialysis and all the meds I am on are affecting my memory. I don’t know what to do. I try to make notes, but I forget to do that too. 😐 It makes me feel very stupid. I know I am not stupid, in fact I have a very high IQ, but it is certainly embarrassing for someone to ask something of me, only to have me forget right after they say it. 

I haven’t felt good at all today either, my voice is very hoarse for some reason and I just feel weak and generally blah all over. I have been lying on the couch all day long, wrapped in blankets because I can’t seem to get warm no matter what I do. It is honestly all I can do to DJ tonight, I just want to put my head down on my desk and sleep during the sets hahaha. I don’t know how that would work, dead air after a set, my listeners wouldn’t like that. 😛 I will just climb in my bed after my show and rest, hopefully pile on the quilts and get warm finally. We are getting freezing rain, sleet and snow tonight and tomorrow. I love to watch it snow, but I hate the ice. Having to worry about downed power lines from the weight of the ice, or tree limbs falling onto the power lines. I am cold enough, if the power goes out and I have no heat I would be seriously screwed, and not in a good way. LMAO

My nipples are itching O.O I don’t know what is causing that, but it’s hard to scratch them with these piercings. Totally random thought, sorry! LMAO

I will write a better blog tomorrow, with more intelligence. heh. I know this one was random and not very interesting. *shrug*

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