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I have moved…

Hey everyone I won’t be posting here anymore, I have MOVED this blog to it’s OWN domain, YAY! I hope you ALL will subscribe and blogroll me and COMMENT! I will get you all added to my blogroll ASAP.

Please go over and comment and let me know you are there! The new URL is: (pronounced ABSOLUTION)


the most awesome thing!!

Ace Frehley has made my little girl K his number one fan!!  Let me go back for a second.

ace1Ace sent me his new album Anomaly about 2 weeks early (before it was released to the public). Well me and my girls have listened to it over and over, it’s amazing! Part of the CD is a “pyramid” you can make from the insert, so this past Sunday K asked me if we could finally build it. We did and she asked me if we could take a picture of her with the Anomaly CD, packaging and the “Pyramid”. We took the pic and she asked me if I could send it to Kymm (Ace’s publicist) and to Ace himself. So sure, I sent it to Kymm and Ace, I figured they would both get a kick out of it. Soooo….

Yesterday I got an email from Kymm saying that Ace has made K his number ONE fan and to go check out his website. I was puzzled and curious. I went to his site and I have to say I burst into tears. There was my little girl’s face and Ace was using her picture (Which he added cool fonts and things too) to sell his CD which came out yesterday! K is on top of the world and feels like a princess. She’s happier than I’ve ever seen her! So you can check it out, make sure you have pop ups enabled, and see her there! 🙂 go to Ace’s Official Site

Thank you, Ace, for making my little girl SO happy, for being so good to us as a family, for everything. We can’t wait to meet you on the road! I hope K’s sweet little face sells you MILLIONS of CD’s!! GO now, and buy ANOMALY, it’s amazing! Ace is back and he told you so! 😉

Also thanks to Kymm for being super sweet and caring!!



Well, life is just life right now. My pain is pretty bad, it seems to be getting worse. The degenerative problems with my spine are worse and my dr. thinks that something (a disc) is pushing on a nerve root in my lower back. I can’t stand up for more than 5 minutes at a time. It SUCKS. I am having what they call “occipital migraines” you can google it. It’s scary and I am not just having them occasionally, I am having 2 or 3 a DAY. I am calling my doctor in the morning so I can go see him about it. Something isn’t right, I hope we can find out what IS causing me to have them so frequently.

My Idol

My Idol

I do have to say I am on CLOUD NINE interview with my idol Ace Frehley! We seemed to get on well and he was laughing and stuff with me. When he mentioned the tour, I told him he had to come to Kentucky and he said something like “Yes and you need to be backstage”. WOOO HOOOOO! I am also talking to his awesome publicist Kymm and she is sending me the CD when it drops in September. I got to review the CD before the interview, and I listened to the whole thing and I have to say it’s AMAZING. There are a couple of surprise songs on there that I love like, “A little below the angels” and “Change the world”, “gengis khan” was also great. YOU need to pick up Anomaly when it comes out on September 15th. I am also working on getting a few other HUGE celebs in on the show. I can’t say who yet, but keep watching my tweets! 😉

I just want to say to Ace, thank you sooo much for letting me interview, for being so nice and caring. I appreciate it more than you know. Any other interview I have after this one will pale in comparison haha. Ace you are, as you always will be, my idol. YOU are the one who inspired me to play guitar, your music solo and with KISS got me through such a bad childhood…oh hell I just don’t have the words, just THANK YOU!

I’m tired now…..I’m out.




*runs off happily to do more promoting*


holy shit!!!!!!!!

I can’t really say anything just yet, but OMG I am so freakin’ excited I could just blow a gasket!!!!

Ahem…*takes a deep breath* HOPEFULLY I will have a big announcement tomorrow…so keep watching…OH  MY GOD!

I’m out.


happy birthday mama!!


Happy Birthday 70th Mama! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! You have been my advocate, my friend, much more than I can even write here! I hope I have you in my life for MANY more years. You can’t go until I do…I don’t know what I would do without you. You’ve taken care of me, I remember when I first got sick, you bathed me, cleaned up my puke, you loved on me…rubbed lotion on me to make me feel good…hell you even wiped my butt *SIGH*. I love you for it…and I will never forget it…

Now I am off to make your birthday cake. I know you don’t care about cards, flowers, presents, but I remember you always saying “I want my damn birthday cake!” So, birthday cake you get! Off I go!

I love you Mama! Always…Happy Birthday *MUAHHHH* kisses for you!


Just a quickie ;-)

I have had a few messages asking if I am ‘back’ yet. Yes I am all moved into my new apartment (I LOVE IT), but I am still unpacking and moving little things from the other apartment into this one. Tomorrow is cleaning the old apartment and Thursday I have to sign the new lease and do a “move out” inspection with management then I will be DONE! I am in HORRIBLE pain, but I am pushing on, because if I don’t do it, nothing will get done and I can’t stand clutter shit all over the place! UGH!!

I am going to buy a new book shelf, some curtains and get everything in order then I will take some pics of my new place. It has new tile, newly painted, everything is fresh and clean…it feels like a new start. The old apartment holds some bad memories for me, so I am glad to say buh bye to it. I am also glad I don’t have to climb 15 stairs to go to the bathroom or to bed hah!

The kitchen is larger (YAY), with lots of cabinet space (YAY again). I am a cooker and baker, so the more counter and cabinet space the happier I am! The bedroom is bigger, the bathroom is bigger….I have really nice views, a nice balcony (Just need to get a chaise lounge chair now). It’s very quiet here too. My neighbors on both sides and below me (yes I am on the 2nd floor) are all elderly people (which I LOVE) and they are quiet, YAY for the peace!!

I am extremely happy now. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I feel safer, MUCH safer. There’s NO WAY for “Dad” to stalk around anymore! There is no way he can get to my door and try to get in without someone hearing him. I feel safe, safe, safe!!! *Sighs and smiles*

I have a couple of more serious blogs I want to write soon. Hopefully one on friday or saturday, once I am completely setup here in the apartment. I will only be online sporadically until then…if you want to contact me just email me —–> my email address is over on the right sidebar! 😉

Back to unpacking and getting everything in order, woo hoo! I will catch up with reading and commenting this weekend, I promise! 😀

I wanted everyone who reads me to see the newest art that D did of me and her. It’s called “I’m Your Virgin”, and it’s so beautiful, it brought me to tears when I saw it. She did an amazing job on getting us down pat! I love you honey, thank you again for doing this and dedicating it to me!! (Don’t steal it people, it’s not yours). I know a lot of people like to steal things and claim it as “them” or that they did it themselves, that drives me NUTS. I am not saying any of my friends/regular readers would do that, but you never know who else might come by and just think they can right click and become D and I. BAH!!  On that note, my break is over and I am out!!

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