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I have moved…

Hey everyone I won’t be posting here anymore, I have MOVED this blog to it’s OWN domain, YAY! I hope you ALL will subscribe and blogroll me and COMMENT! I will get you all added to my blogroll ASAP.

Please go over and comment and let me know you are there! The new URL is: (pronounced ABSOLUTION)


these scammers will try ANYTHING, won’t they? and a funny d’oh moment story!

I was checking my email and saw that someone sent me a “news story” from the Ny Times. Now since I read this site frequently AND since I know some of my friends do, I figured one of them had sent me something interesting. Imagine my surprise when I opened it to see this:

This page was sent to you by:
Message from sender:
Dear friend, I am Abdel Karim, manager auditing and accounting department Bank of Africa Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.My purpose of contacting you is for you to collaborate with me in this transaction because it is not easy for me to handle this transaction alone as the next of kin to the deceased customer *name removed by me* who died along with his family in a plane crash July 31sth 2000 and left no one to claim his deposit with Bank of Africa here in Burkina Faso, West Africa . Let me solicit for your confidence and trust in this transaction as it is legal , i have taken all necessary arrangement here before contacting you in order to ensure that this funds is successfully claim and move to you from Burkina Faso without implications, so i implore you to comply with me to enable us mutually undertake this prospects . The total amount deposited by our late customer is Ten million five hundred thousand United state dollars ($10.5 million USD) and we shall share the funds in a mutual understanding of 35 % for you while 60% will be for me, my 65% will remain in your bank account pending on my arrival in your country and I shall invest with my own share in your country as soon as the fund is transferred into your bank account. I assure you that there is no risk involved in this transaction and also all the deceased customer information are with me to back up your claim. Now upon your request i shall send to you the bank text of application which you shall fill and forward to our bank. Site of the plane crash:  *site link removed by me* Thanks, yours sincerely, Abdel Karim,  

*le sigh* They will find anyway in the world to get their SHIT out to people won’t they? The sad thing is there are STILL people online that fall for these scams…They just piss me off. They try to take advantage of vulnerable people. Get a fucking real job and stop sending out your fucking spam. Good Lord!!!

I called the NY times online customer service to let them know that someone was using their site to send out their bullshit scams. So hopefully they can figure out something to thwart the scammers.  It’s really sad that they have resorted to going to legitimate websites, what’s next, CNN? Geez.

On another note, I am ALMOST done unpacking and all that jazz. I am heading out shortly to buy some curtains and little things I need for this place. I don’t know how much I will get done tonight because Boo is having her friend stay all night in our new apartment. So I will have two 7 year olds to entertain LMAO, I hope I have hair left by tomorrow morning!! 😉 I have plans to make homemade pizza with them and chocolate chip cookies, so that should keep them happy for at least a little while hahaha.

As soon as I am completely settled, I will write my more serious blogs. OH I just have to tell you something that happened to us yesterday as we were finishing up moving stuff from the old apartment to the new one. *Takes a deep breath, trying not to laugh my ass off again*.

duhWe were over here in the new place, eating lunch before moving the last load over here and there was a HARD knock on my door. My daughter went to answer it and there were 3 (yes THREE) cops at my door. O.O <— That’s how my eyes looked when I saw them. The one cop pushed past Melody and just walked into my apartment O.O , I was just about to ask him “Uh, do you have a search warrant to enter my apartment?”, when he started saying “Who put garbage bags in the dumpster?” O.O <—me again. “Uh, Jon did?”. Ooops let me go back for a second. Jon’s sister-in-law had thrown 2 bags of garbage into the back of Jon’s truck (WHY we don’t know), but he didn’t notice it until they got over here and SMELLED it. She had thrown bags of MEAT from her deep freeze into this truck *GAG*, so he asked me if he could throw them away so he could go wash out the bed of the truck to move the rest of my stuff. Of course I told him “Yes.” Now back to the story–the cop is almost yelling like we are criminals. “What was in the bags?”, Mel says “Meat his stupid sister in law threw into the back of the truck.” The asshole cop “What kind of meat.” O.O <– me again. I said “Uh we didn’t LOOK to see what kind of meat it was, come on!”. “You don’t have authority to dump garbage in the dumpster”, the cop says looking at Jon. I said in a not so nice tone, “UH yes he does, he is with ME, and I fucking live here and he is helping me MOVE.” Unfortunately everyone in the office was out yesterday *le sigh* so no one was around to stop the idiot cops from badgering us. The cop says “Well when they dump the garbage out of the dumpster in the morning you need to get in there and disinfect it.” O.O <–me again, not believing the audacity of this fucking cop. He finally leaves and I stand there stunned for a second, then bust out laughing, because it took THREE car loads of cops to talk to us about a dumpster???? Well then we get the kicker. Someone downstairs said they were taking a piece of the meat to have it checked to make sure it wasn’t human. I was O.O again of course. WTF? You mean they thought I killed someone, cut up the body and had Jon toss it in the dumpster at MY complex in BROAD DAYLIGHT? OMFG, I mean come on. First off that is ridiculous, secondly it’s wasting time and tax payers money and thirdly why the FUCK aren’t the cops out here busting the drug dealers, seeing as where I live is one of the Oxy capitals of the US??? Nooo they have to come here and harrass me about a dumpster, then say they are going to “autopsy” the meat?!?!?! *Sighs and busts out laughing* The manager of the property finally showed up at almost 5:00 and he came up to the apartment to apologize for his fill in not showing up and said we would do the lease today. I told him what happened and he was dumbfounded. He said don’t worry about him putting garbage into the dumpster, since he WAS helping me move. I told him — “I just wanted you to hear what happened out of MY mouth before it went around the complex then got to you and the story would be “V is an axe murderer who tossed a chopped up body in the dumpster, like omgz!!!”. The manager M just laughed and said “I hate drama, I know you do too. Don’t worry you are a good tenant.” PHEW *shakes head* I didn’t know we had the keystone cops on the payroll here. HAHAHA

I am out…..*laughing* 😀


Just a quickie ;-)

I have had a few messages asking if I am ‘back’ yet. Yes I am all moved into my new apartment (I LOVE IT), but I am still unpacking and moving little things from the other apartment into this one. Tomorrow is cleaning the old apartment and Thursday I have to sign the new lease and do a “move out” inspection with management then I will be DONE! I am in HORRIBLE pain, but I am pushing on, because if I don’t do it, nothing will get done and I can’t stand clutter shit all over the place! UGH!!

I am going to buy a new book shelf, some curtains and get everything in order then I will take some pics of my new place. It has new tile, newly painted, everything is fresh and clean…it feels like a new start. The old apartment holds some bad memories for me, so I am glad to say buh bye to it. I am also glad I don’t have to climb 15 stairs to go to the bathroom or to bed hah!

The kitchen is larger (YAY), with lots of cabinet space (YAY again). I am a cooker and baker, so the more counter and cabinet space the happier I am! The bedroom is bigger, the bathroom is bigger….I have really nice views, a nice balcony (Just need to get a chaise lounge chair now). It’s very quiet here too. My neighbors on both sides and below me (yes I am on the 2nd floor) are all elderly people (which I LOVE) and they are quiet, YAY for the peace!!

I am extremely happy now. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. I feel safer, MUCH safer. There’s NO WAY for “Dad” to stalk around anymore! There is no way he can get to my door and try to get in without someone hearing him. I feel safe, safe, safe!!! *Sighs and smiles*

I have a couple of more serious blogs I want to write soon. Hopefully one on friday or saturday, once I am completely setup here in the apartment. I will only be online sporadically until then…if you want to contact me just email me —–> my email address is over on the right sidebar! 😉

Back to unpacking and getting everything in order, woo hoo! I will catch up with reading and commenting this weekend, I promise! 😀

I wanted everyone who reads me to see the newest art that D did of me and her. It’s called “I’m Your Virgin”, and it’s so beautiful, it brought me to tears when I saw it. She did an amazing job on getting us down pat! I love you honey, thank you again for doing this and dedicating it to me!! (Don’t steal it people, it’s not yours). I know a lot of people like to steal things and claim it as “them” or that they did it themselves, that drives me NUTS. I am not saying any of my friends/regular readers would do that, but you never know who else might come by and just think they can right click and become D and I. BAH!!  On that note, my break is over and I am out!!



I am soooo happy right now I could just pee! HAHA

carlton_danceMy landlord Mickey just stopped by my apartment and told me that I FINALLY get to move to the one bedroom place next week *does a happy dance*. That means no more stairs to climb, less space to clean and best of all NO DAD! I will be on the second floor, so that means he can’t stalk around outside and try to peer in, he won’t have a key (which I KNOW he has for this place) and my apartment is by the office and surrounded by people. I will feel MUCH safer there and no doubt be more happy. I want to get a chaise lounge chair (if I can afford it or if someone nice donates one) for my balcony because since I have lived here I have never once been able to just sit outside and enjoy the breeze, drink my coffee, read, whatever, because I was always scared Dad would show up. Now (if I get the lounge chair) I can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, read my books, drink my coffee in PEACE. GOD I am so fucking happy.

I am going to start packing this weekend, call Monday to get my phone and internet transferred, so if you don’t see me online for a couple of days, then you know why. I hope they can transfer everything easily and quickly since it’s the same apartment complex, just different building and apartment number!

OH MY GOD I am elated. This is just the charge I needed to make me less depressed and make me feel better about my life.

I’m out…


so I am here…



I had to fucking move all my posts and things here because some of my family think they have to follow me all over the fucking internet. Don’t they get that if I wanted them to read the things I write, or be at the sites I am at I would give them the URL’s or ask them to join me?? FUCK it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. I am so fucking sick of having to be censored, to have to worry all the time, and I am VERY fucking pissed that I had to move my blog, thank God for the import/export tool. I got to keep all your great comments and all of the posts I have written. Let’s just hope that this is the last time I have to move. I was so upset this morning when I got an email notification that my sister had found me on yet another site, and yeah this one had the URL to my other blog on it. WTF does she do? Google the fuck out of me and go 15-20 pages deep in to find me? GOOD GOD, just stop it. I want SOME privacy in my life, is that too much to ask? I don’t think it is. Hell I don’t follow her, my kids, my Dad around the internet, so JUST STOP IT ALREADY!! Let me ask you to PLEASE, PLEASE, keep it to yourself if you know my real identity, I need this like the air I breathe. I need this place to be uncensored, to let it all out.


*Take a deep breath* Anyhow. I am here. Let’s hope for good. I’ll write more later.


MRI’s, CT Scans and Barium….oh my!

It never ends, does it? I went this morning for my MRI of my cervical spine (neck), the lady had to put some metal bars over my face (can you say FREAK OUT). It was so hard to take, I was shaking all over and she had to get me out of the MRI tube/scanner once. We finally got through it and had some time to kill so my Mama (who drove me today) and I came back here to my apartment, had coffee and gossiped, that was nice, I love spending quality time with her. We stayed here about an hour, then went back to the hospital for my appointment with the surgeon. He checked my belly button area and said the hernia repair was fine, but he thinks I have adhesions (scar tissue) from the numerous abdominal surgeries I have had over the years. He thinks it has adhered to my small intestine and is causing a partial blockage *SIGHS*. So today I had to have my finger poked (I HATE that) for a CBC, then was sent to the lab for more blood work, then to the x-ray department to schedule a CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis for Friday at 3:00 pm. I have to have an IV and have that stupid contrast dye injected into my body again, I am allergic to it, so I have to take a load of benadryl to keep me from going into shock, PLUS I have to drink two HUGE ass bottles of that white barium shit. YUCK. That stuff is SO hard to get down without vomiting. I have to have one large bottle for breakfast at 9:00 am Friday morning, then have the other bottle for lunch at 1:30, benadryl at 2:30 then the scan at 3:00. If it is an adhesion and it is blocking my small intestine then I will have to have surgery to fix that, PLUS have to have the spine surgery God knows when.

Fuck, can’t a guy get a break? If it’s not one thing, it’s two or three more happening to me. Do I NOT have enough wrong already? Christ. Someone today was telling me that the type of spine surgery I will most likely have will take 8 months or more to fully heal. FUCK, Fuckity fuck. That is NOT what I need. *SIGH*

On the UP side of things, I saw my landlady today, she is a doll and is so good to me. She told me that she WOULD have me moved into the new apartment before my surgery, thank God.  She told me she would be back to work on Monday the 5th and we would get to work on getting me moved. The apartment I am in now has an upstairs and it is just too hard for me to climb them up and down, up and down all day long. The new apartment is on the second floor yes, but it’s a ONE floor apartment, thank goodness, and it’s not like I go outside a lot. I go to my doctors appointments and to the supermarket once a month, woo hoo /end sarcasm. It will be less to clean, no stairs to climb up and down, I will be much happier and I will feel much safer. Here I don’t feel safe, I can’t sit outside on my patio, for fear of my stalker “Dad” coming up on me. I won’t have to wonder if he is stalking around outside and peeking in *shudder*, he can’t do that shit if I am on the second floor and I can FINALLY sit on my balcony at night or in the mornings with my coffee and feel safe. I won’t be a prisoner in my own home anymore. I look forward to that so much.

Ok my left arm and hand are killing me. I have to stop typing. Write more later. - The internets fastest growing blog directory

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