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HappyBirthday_Peaceful_LavenderToday is my daughter Mel’s birthday. It’s SO hard to believe that she is 20 today. The same age I was when she was born. I have raised her, watched her grow and now….she’s not a teen anymore, she’s a grown woman and my heart does kind of ache. I miss our “dates” when she was little. Every Saturday night, I would turn off my pager and cellphone, no work, no distractions, nothing but me and my Mel. She would pick a place to eat and we would go out on our “date”. I remember holding her tiny hand in mine…oh man I am going to cry. I wouldn’t change anything in our life together. Sure it was hard raising her alone from birth…but I KNOW I did a damn good job. She is loving, kind, intelligent, empathetic, proud, outspoken about things she believes in. I am SO proud of her. She’s a beautiful young woman now *le sigh*.

I love you baby. From the day you were born I was IN love with you. I have watched you grow, go through trying times and come out the strong and beautiful woman you are today. You will always be Daddy’s girl……*SIGH* Happy Birthday honey!

I will¬†post pictures later. ūüôā


so…on a lighter note.

I know my last post was crazy and well just crazy. I got some pain meds on friday, I am feeling some better, but the withdrawals took it out of me. I am still kind of shaky and antsy, sweats, but I would say 80% better. Thank GOD!

So this post is going to be happy. Yes I finally took pics of my apartment woo hoo! Hmmm, this will probably be a LONG ass post haha! Here we gooooo…

My balcony  (I love it).










Views from my balcony. To the left is a daycare center, so I can watch the little ones play, I love that! To the right are nice trees and bushes!



















View coming in from the balcony door…










View coming in the front door…I kind of hate that you see the bathroom when you walk into the front door, but I always keep it locked, so no one will ever be able to walk in and see me nekkid getting out of the shower hahaha!










To the right is my dining room and kitchen..

The dining room–




















View from the kitchen:










My kitchen…





































My bathroom…










My linen closet…














My bedroom…

































My living room…











Now for some cuteness! Last night my little girl helped me make a cake from scratch for the first time (I ALWAYS make my baked goods from scratch!). We made a Devil’s Food cake with Buttercream Frosting. We decided instead of Vanilla extract, we would use pure Orange extract (because we love the chocolate/orange together thing). It turned out really good! Here are some pics. The last pic will be of my little girl with my oldest daughters new pit bull puppy Zoe Moon.

Frosting Fingers..I love that smile!

Frosting Fingers..I love that smile!










Mmm, the end result!

Mmm, the end result!










Two cuties!

Two cuties!










Ok that’s it. I am going to be writing some blogs using your suggestions this week (and I am still open to more, so give ’em to me!), so watch out for them! I need to move, the antsy has set in again YUCK. I’m out…


it’s the little things that make me smile..

i_love_my_baby_girlLike when my little girl and I were¬†sitting here on my bed playing Mystery Case Files:Ravenheart 2 together, I was having trouble seeing some of the hidden objects and I said something about my eyesight…and I am in HORRIBLE pain today, my upper back and¬†neck are hurting so bad I have cried off and on all day. It was hurting so bad it was hard to play the game, she saw me wincing and reached her little hand back and started to rub my shoulders and neck…then I said “I am just falling apart all over aren’t I baby?”. She said, “You are still the greatest person in the world Daddy!!”. *SIGH* It made me teary eyed to hear her say that…she loves me no matter what. That’s true unconditional love..’s those little things that keep me alive.

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