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my talk show tonight! (please read)

Tonight at 6:00pm Eastern time I will be having my talk show. Tonight’s subject is Child Abuse And It’s Affect On Adult Survivors. You can join the chat and listen to the show by going to my show page HERE.

I would love for you to call in and talk with me about your experiences OR to ask me questions about my abuse, my blog, etc. The number to call in is : (646) 716-9673 , that is a permanent number for my show so you can always use it when I am on the air.

Tonight’s show is very important to me and I hope it will be to you. I want to hear your experiences, your thoughts.  Even if you aren’t a survivor/victim and you advocate or have strong opinions on this issue please call in!

I also have an official website for my show. I am working on the layout and content now and when it is ready to be unveiled I will give you all the link. I plan on having a forum for survivors there, a safe place we can all talk privately. Again, I will let you know when I launch it! 🙂

Hope to see you all at my show in just a few short hours!



Reminder :-)

My first talk show is tonight at 6:00pm Eastern/3:00pm Pacific. I didn’t choose a topic to talk about because this show is basically just about getting my feet wet, learning the controls and things like that. So whatever you all want to discuss we will talk about. 🙂 Once I get into the groove I will have specific topics for the shows, and hopefully some awesome surprises!

Just go to my show page Mad As A Hatter to tune in. I will have the chatroom opened about 15 minutes before the show starts. Once you are at my page the blue player at the top SHOULD start automatically (once my show is on air) so you can listen and if you scroll down the page just a teeny bit, the chat should be there. I am crossing my fingers that it all works like it should hahaha.

Make an account there (it’s free) and fave my show AND friend me! Hope to see you all there and TALKING to me. You can also chat in the chat room with anyone else there AND with me. 🙂

See ya there.


I have a question for my readers….

talkI want to do a live “talk show” on the internet. With many different topics, from funny to serious.  What I want to know is would you guys/gals be willing to tune in? To call in? To participate? I don’t want to get psyched to do this and hear crickets when I do my talk shows. So let me know.

D and I are also thinking of doing one weekly show together, late night…”In bed with D and V.” Again with many different topics and a question/answer “Dear Abby” type feel. Think Dear Abby meets Dr. Drew meets D and V hahaha.

It will of course be uncensored and not fit for children to listen to, but it could be fun for US. Especially us survivors who can talk, discuss, rant, rave, cry, scream, whatever we want to do!

So what do you say? Would you be willing to support my talk show? Let me know, I am anxious to do this….

BTW–This is in addition to starting my own radio station. When I get the money to start my radio station, that will be music, requests, etc. I WILL keep the talk show going though…no worries on that. 🙂

I’m awaiting your replies!

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