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no catchy subject today…

Well, we got snowed in this morning and I was not able to go to my SS appointment OR the neuro, but the lady from the SS office called me and we did my application over the phone and she is going to let me bring in my MRI reports and other medical records I want to go with the application to the DDU (Disability Determination Unit). She was VERY nice and that was a good thing for me, it made the process a bit easier. She was very understanding and kept saying “Bless your heart”, to everything I told her that was wrong…I wanted to say–make a note lady saying “The guy REALLY is sick, give him the damn disability already” HAHAHA.

The neuro appointment I am going to re-schedule. I saw my regular doctor yesterday, he was worried about my TIA’s and said I would probably have to go on Plavix, but he wasn’t going to give it to me until I saw the neurologist and got his opinion on it, because it can be dangerous. Joy, joy, that’s what I need, more dangerous medications.

Speaking of meds, I got my Neurontin yesterday. Chris (the patient advocate) saw me walking in the hall of the clinic and pulled me into his office. I just love him to bits, he’s gay and SO nice, sweet and funny. He really tries his dead level best to get my meds as cheap as he can or for free. I got three HUGE pharmacy bottles of Neurontin. I started titrating the dosage yesterday, I took one, today I will take two and tomorrow I will take three and will stay at three a day for a while (900 mg’s a day) and my dr. said we can work up to 4800 mg’s a day if needed, WOW, 4800 mg’s, sheesh. When I was naming off my medications to the lady at the SS office, she was astonished at how many I am on, I had to laugh at her. Shit I am on so many that I forget what they are unless I put the bottles in front of me. I am forever starting “new meds”. I started the Neurontin yesterday along with a muscle relaxer. The muscle relaxer is suppose to “try” to help my massive spasms in my neck that are straightening my spine *le sigh*. I swear to GOD I am a walking pharmacy…anyone need anything??? LMAO!!!

I am sitting up here in bed, on the  laptop, looking out my window. It is snowing, fucking cold and pretty outside. We are suppose to have the coldest weather yet this year today and tomorrow. We are only going to have a high in the lower teens today and tonight a low of 4 degrees with wind chills well below zero. My ass is staying INSIDE. Tomorrow is more of the same, brrrrrrrr.

Now on to FOOD, one of my favorite subjects haha!! I have a roast cooking on low in my crock pot, YUM. I have potatoes, carrots and sweet vidalia onions in there with it. I can’t wait to eat it later this evening haha. D always says, “Ewww you are eating flesh again?”. Mmm, yes baby, I am hahaha. Weird how I am such a meat eater and she is such a vegetarian, but we still love each other, don’t we honey? hehehehe…

I am still weak from the TIA’s, sleepy and dizzy from all the meds…I just want to lay in bed and do nothing but sleep and maybe play pogo. Do any of you play Pogo? If you do, tell me, we could play some games together. I don’t really play games with strangers, I guess it’s part of my autism, but I worry they will be mean to me *sigh*. I get sick of playing the robots sometimes. I have a club pogo membership, D and Jerilyn always make sure it’s paid up by the year for me, because I don’t do much else online but blog, DJ and play pogo. So I am thankfully that they let me have my paid membership. If any of you play and want to try the club pogo, I can give you a free five day guest pass, weeee! Just let me know!!

Ok I am done typing, my eyes are unfocused and my arms and hands hurt. More later!!!!


Randomly Random

I am sitting here on the air, DJing, thought I would blog between sets. I was thinking about music, I always like to keep my shows fresh. Tonight is an 80s flashback and it always seems to be popular, so I was wondering–What genre’s of music do you like? Do you have any ideas for some shows? I am always open to new thoughts and ideas when it comes to my shows. 😉 My shows are all requests and I read listener dedications on air, so if any of you can think of something fun, just comment me and give me your ideas!

I have noticed my brain isn’t working so well these days. I am so forgetful, and I don’t mean forgetting something to do tomorrow, or next week, I mean I am forgetting stuff after 5 minutes. It is kind of scaring me. *sighs* I guess I just wonder if the treatments for CML and now the dialysis and all the meds I am on are affecting my memory. I don’t know what to do. I try to make notes, but I forget to do that too. 😐 It makes me feel very stupid. I know I am not stupid, in fact I have a very high IQ, but it is certainly embarrassing for someone to ask something of me, only to have me forget right after they say it. 

I haven’t felt good at all today either, my voice is very hoarse for some reason and I just feel weak and generally blah all over. I have been lying on the couch all day long, wrapped in blankets because I can’t seem to get warm no matter what I do. It is honestly all I can do to DJ tonight, I just want to put my head down on my desk and sleep during the sets hahaha. I don’t know how that would work, dead air after a set, my listeners wouldn’t like that. 😛 I will just climb in my bed after my show and rest, hopefully pile on the quilts and get warm finally. We are getting freezing rain, sleet and snow tonight and tomorrow. I love to watch it snow, but I hate the ice. Having to worry about downed power lines from the weight of the ice, or tree limbs falling onto the power lines. I am cold enough, if the power goes out and I have no heat I would be seriously screwed, and not in a good way. LMAO

My nipples are itching O.O I don’t know what is causing that, but it’s hard to scratch them with these piercings. Totally random thought, sorry! LMAO

I will write a better blog tomorrow, with more intelligence. heh. I know this one was random and not very interesting. *shrug*

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